Broken Grounded Circus

Broken Grounded Circus

Broken Grounded Circus” is a collection of three interconnected digital artworks that explores the complex emotions of self-discovery and how I use art for creative expression.

The first artwork, “Broken,” showcases a striking array of circular mosaics crafted from layers of broken glass. Each mosaic represents a layer of my emotional landscape, revealing the beauty that can be found even in brokenness. The intricate details and textures invite the viewer to explore the many facets of my inner world.

The second artwork, “Grounded,” features a series of triangular layers that represent the grounding forces in the artist’s life, including earth, grass, sand, rocks, and dirt. These layers serve as a reminder of the importance of moving forward, no matter where life’s journey may lead.

The third artwork, “Circus,” is a display of my inspiration and style. It features a square within a square, with each layer showcasing a different texture and image representing my creative influences. From records to paintings, acoustic guitars to poetry, and even a K7 tape symbolizing my recordings and song compositions (now you know my age 😆).