Emotional Connections

Emotional Connections

This is “A Triptych of Emotional Connections”. Here I explore the complex and emotional themes of family and identity. The first artwork has a crop of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, which sits at the center of the piece, framed by two bigger squares that represent the father figures in my life: God, my father, and my biological father which I never meet. The purple hues of the frames hint at a sense of mystery that reflects the complexity of my emotions around this subject.

The second artwork takes the form of a triangle within a triangle, within a triangle, representing the interconnectedness of generations and the way that each new iteration builds on the one before it. The vibrant green tones of the piece suggest new beginnings and growth, as the next generation emerges and takes its place in the world.

Finally, the third artwork is a tribute to my mother, with a central circle representing her, surrounded by four smaller circles that represent me and my siblings. The circle at the top right features an image of my biological mother, who had to give me away when I was two years old. She looks away, a poignant reminder of the pain and loss that I have felt in my life. 

Together, these three artworks form a powerful visual narrative about my perception of Father, Mother and Son.