Rock Paper Texas

Rock Paper Texas

What started as Rod and Kyle’s mutual Bob Marley fandom evolved into three songs and the debut of Rock Paper Texas – from a basement! Each song offers a thrilling curveball with beats that quickly transition from one genre to another. Not only does this keep the audience dialled in, but it also ensures that both Rod and Kyle stay honest and humble as performers.

This eclectic band is all about living as the wildcard and never holding back – let’s just say that if in some alternate universe Vancouver and Texas merged to create one country, Rock Paper Texas would be writing their brand new anthem. In the meantime, the awe-inspiring band continues to take Vancouver by storm.

As Rock Paper Texas continues to entertain music lovers from all over the world, it looks to positively disrupt mainstream media, movie scenes and video games. Because, let’s be honest. If you can start a change-making band in a basement, you can do anything.