To celebrate my 40th birthday, I embarked on a creative journey I could title 'Sweet Obsession Post Pandemic.' Instead, I called it Forty in 40. For 40 consecutive days, between October 12 and November 22, 2020, I unleashed a burst of artistic energy by releasing a song and illustration each day. 

This immersive project became a wild 40-day marathon of design, recording, and music production. Most of the magic happened overnight, where I played guitar, percussion, and lent my voice to the melodies, all while collaborating with my partner, Daniela Torres. (I'm still a little embarrassed about it, but hey).

This venture not only marked a milestone in my artistic journey but also served as a testament to the power of creativity in navigating the post-pandemic world. It was a crazy creative odyssey that made me flourish as a designer and as a human being.
I'm a true advocate for the marathon or sprint methodology, especially when it comes to anything design or art-related. For me, this approach fosters rapid improvement and minimizes procrastination. Surprisingly, having less time often proves more productive than indulging in constant second-guessing. Personally, with this personal project, I've witnessed a significant enhancement in my skills with Illustrator and audio design with Logic Pro, as well as a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that spread throughout other projects and initiatives.
By the 5th day, I had a system going. Pulled out my strategic hat, mixed in a bit of logistics, design, and business know-how, and bam! I crafted a sweet 30-item checklist for everything on my plate. Surprisingly, it gave me peace of mind and let me dive deeper into the creative zone. Who would've thought adding a bit of routine could amp up the creativity? Well, it was a first for me, and man, did it work like magic!
Despite not aiming to become a full-time artist and solely immersing myself in the creative process, this journey unexpectedly opened doors to numerous business opportunities. One standout moment was the invitation to speak at the World Creativity Day in 2022.
In conclusion, the 'Forty in 40' creative marathon marked a pivotal moment in my artistic journey. It went beyond being a mere celebration of my 40th birthday; it stood as a testament to the power of commitment and creativity. 

If you've read this far, thank you for watching and listening to my thoughts. You can check out all the songs on Spotify. Most of them were recorded overnight: 35 fresh new demos + 4 pre-recorded tracks + 1 studio track. All arts were 100% fresh. Enjoy!

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