Forty In 40

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About this project

The “Forty in 40” project is the result of a calling. Or should I say a “screaming”? This is the most complete record of my songwriting, my illustrations, and my web & graphic design skills from the past 20 years.

Every day, starting on October 12th until November 21st, I’ll release a song/illustration/web page to showcase my art, reaching a total of 40 pieces. This will be my artistic way of celebrating my 40th birthday, it will be my artistic memoir, one that I wish to share with my loved ones, and to whoever is interested.

I was born and raised in Brazil, and in the past 10 years I have been working with marketing, and graphic & web design. I got married and had two amazing kids, I immigrated to Canada and have been living close to Vancouver, BC, since 2014! Here, I started and grew two successful businesses. And even though I feel like I’ll never stop being so busy, I feel like now is the time. I’m turning 40 on November 21st 2020, and yeah, I feel that now is the time.

You’ll notice a lot of positive messages , songs to overcome challenges, arts to highlight the bright side of life, as well as songs inspired by family and friends.

I hope you enjoy it. This is also dedicated to everyone who breathes art like I have been doing my whole life. It doesn’t matter if you’re 14, 40, or 80 years old. Please share your gift.