I Just Miss You

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This song honours all of the beautiful souls that were and have been part of my journey in music. (I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone!) These people played with me or inspired me during my teenage years and my adulthood life. If it was never clear before, please know that I’m SO GRATEFUL for you and the time that we’ve spent together at home, at a studio, in front of a bonfire, in front of a few friends, hundreds of people or even thousands of people which was the biggest stage I ever played. You fed my spirit and fulfilled my soul, so this song is for you, my dear musician friends. 
Essa música honra todas as almas lindas que fizeram parte e ajudaram a construir a minha jornada na música. Essas pessoas (perdão se esqueci de alguém!) tocaram comigo e, mais do que isso, me tocaram durante a minha juventude e minha vida adulta. Se nunca ficou claro que agora fique como me sinto TÃO GRATO por vocês, e por cada dia ou noite daquelas que a gente tocou nos estúdios, quartinhos, fogueiras, quintais, palcos pequenos, palcos de centenas, palcos de milhares que já tive o privilégio de tocar, palcos da vida. Vocês nutriram a minha alma e alimentaram meu sonho, então essa é pra vocês, amigos músicos. 


It is a blues road for sure
But reggae set the tone
Why do we feel so good with some
But not so good with others

It is a high vibe oh yeah
Fire & wine & music
We played all night long
Speaking through the song
With Soul, love and blood

And I just miss you
But I see you around this song
And I can feel it 
As I’m playing drums

So much love
Until the sunrise, Love.

It is really special yeah it is 
When you play for hours
Close your yes and don’t realize
Sun is already shining

And I just miss you
That’ why I made this song
So I can feel it 
As I’m playing drums

So much love
Until the sunrise, Love.


Written and produced by ROD

ROD: Guitar, vocals, percussion

DANI: Vocals