Immersed in Love

Chegou!!! Pra fechar o nosso ano com chave de ouro, a gente tem muuuuito orgulho de apresentar pra vocês a música top das galáxias chamada “Immersed in Love” (Imersos no amor) que além de ter sido gravada com os nossos amigos do @rebels_n_sinners , também tivemos a participação de um naipe de metal incrível formado por Alberto Labaki (trombone), Juliana Vieira – (saxofone) e Henrique Manchuria (trompete). E aí o talento do nosso produtor @caue.pittorri levou a música pra um caminho que a gente nem imaginava. A gente acabou tendo que gravar um videoclipe que conta a história da música. (Muito chique!) Esse post é pra contar que: Tá tudo no ar! Você pode ouvir “Immersed in Love” em todas as plataformas, assistir o vídeo completo no YouTube (link na Bio) e contar pra gente qual a história que você conseguiu enxergar no videoclipe. Aliás coloca nos comentários que história você identificou!

Aproveita e divulga pros amigos, pra família, no trabalho…

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🇨🇦 It’s here!!! To wrap up our year, we are very proud to announce our new single “Immersed in Love” (Immersed in Love) which, in addition to being recorded with our friends at @rebels_n_sinners , also we had the participation of an incredible metal group formed by Alberto Labaki (trombone), Juliana Vieira (saxophone) and Henrique Manchuria (trumpet). And then the talent of our producer @caue.pittorri took our song to a place we hadn’t even imagined. We ended up having to record a music video that tells the story of the song. (So cool!) This post is to tell you that: It’s all up! You can listen to “Immersed in Love” on all platforms, watch the full video on YouTube (link in bio) and tell us what story you were able to see in the music video. In fact, put in the comments what story you identified! Enjoy and share with friends, family, work… Thanks for your support! We will be looking forward to your feedback 🧡


Just one look
And I saw your soul that night.

You fired me up
And took me out of there.

See, these are seven cards
And I went for the Moon.

You kept laughing:
“The moon is my card,
And I do give myself 
Completely to you.
With Love”.

Immersed in Love.

Gratitude for all
Energy you Spread
I felt your magic carpet
Blowing in my chest

You have something
That makes me feel all right
Oh! Keep looking …
I’m almost reaching Mars

And I think it’s love!

Immersed in Love

When you cut my deck
And you went for the Moon.

I Couldn’t hold it.
Cause the answer was there.

And I think it’s love!

Immersed in Love


Folk and Love featuring Rebels and Sinners

Written By ROD and Daniela Torres

Produced, recorded (audio/video) and edited by:
Cauê Pittorri (Dalla Sound)

Mastering: Renato Coppoli (Mosh)

Acustic guitar e vocals: Rod Pancine
Vocals: Daniela Torres
Guitar: Cauê Pittorri

Trombone – Alberto Labaki
Sax – Juliana Vieira
Trompete – Henrique Manchuria

Rebels and Sinners
Violin: Fernanda Pfaffenbach
Bass: Jonathas Peschiera
Drums: Renato Gordo

Folk and Love