Immersed in Love

This song is about how when you’re in love, when you feel that passion, the butterflies, the fire, this incredible energy consumes your body and you find yourself in ecstasy, completely immersed in this love. As you cultivate this feeling and grow it even further, it expands and it feels like you can change the world. In fact, everything around you can be changed and transformed by this feeling. Remember when you were in love for the last time? Time to dive in again … 

Esta música é sobre como quando você está apaixonado, quando você sente aquela paixão, as borboletas no estômago, o fogo, essa energia incrível consome seu corpo e você se encontra em êxtase, completamente imerso neste amor. Conforme você cultiva esse sentimento e o faz crescer ainda mais, ele se expande e parece que você pode mudar o mundo. Na verdade, tudo ao seu redor pode ser mudado e transformado por essa energia. Quanto tempo faz q vc se apaixonou pela última vez? Mergulha …


Just one look
And I saw your soul that night
You fired me up
and took me out of there

See, there are 7 cards
and I went for moon
You kept laughing
“The moon is my card”
“And I do. Give myself completely to you.
with love, love, loooove.”

Immersed in love.

Gratitude for all the energy you spread
I felt your magic carpet laying in my chest
You have something
That makes it feel alright

Hummm, keep looking
I’m almost reaching Mars

I think this is love
I’m immersed in love.


Written and produced by ROD

ROD: Guitar, vocals, percussion

DANI: Backing vocals

Folk and Love