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I wrote this song in 2015. The first few months (or maybe years lol) after we immigrated to Canada were really hard. I worked like never before and there were so many struggles both financially and emotionally. I was dreaming with the moment that I would go back to do what I loved and have a happier and more comfortable life. Starting over was the hardest thing we ever did but if you keep trying, over and over, things eventually happen. Perseverance. That’s what happened to me. It also took me a lot of therapy and coaching sessions to understand who I was in this new life and place, how to find and embrace my new path. If you find yourself struggling right now, please don’t give up. There’s a dream inside of you waiting for the right moment to be fulfilled. What if the moment is right now? So… just try!

Eu escrevi essa música em 2015. Os primeiros meses (ou melhor, anos rs) depois que imigramos pro Canadá foram muito, muito difíceis. Eu trabalhei como nunca e enfrentei muitos desafios tanto financeiros quanto pessoais. Eu sonhava com o momento de voltar a fazer o que amava e ter uma vida ais confortável e feliz. Começar tudo do zero foi uma das coisas mais difíceis que eu já fiz mas se você continua tentando, as coisas acontecem sim. Perseverança. Foi isso que aconteceu. Precisei de muita terapia e coaching para entender quem eu era nesse novo país, e como “abraçar” essa nova jornada. Se você está sofrendo para realizar seus sonhos, não desista! Tem sempre um sonho dentro de você esperando o momento certo. Mas e se o momento certo for agora? Então … vai lá, “Just Try”!


Saying “It’s hard!” don’t make it easier
Let it it go and you’ll find
If shakes you up trust your feelings
Look for the “butterflies”

Im just asking you to try

“I like my job my happy Fridays
But I don’t feel alive”
Make a list and please go on
C’mon you decide

I’m asking you to try (low)

Yeah yeah yeah you
You can be you
It’s fine

Hey you, don’t you want to try?

Share your plans don’t hide your secrets
or I won’t be able to find

You’re unique and make things different
You can leave your mark

I just asking you to try

Are you sure there’s something missing
Try to find then inside

Today won’t change unless you change it
That’s just how’s life

I’m just asking you to try

Yeah yeah yeah you
You can be you
It’s fine

Hey you, don’t you want it to try?

You will never know
If you don’t go
Life will pass by
If you don’t try

Hey you, don’t you want to try?

Just try.


Written and produced by ROD

ROD: Guitar and vocals

DANI: Backing vocals