In the world of family-owned businesses, King Cone stands as a delightful embodiment of tradition, quality, and innovation. Since 1982, this beloved establishment has been bringing joy to ice cream enthusiasts across British Columbia with its signature waffle cones. I had the pleasure of infusing a fresh, vibrant perspective into King Cone's visual identity and online presence for this project.
I designed a dynamic and colorful 10-page website with the aim of unfolding a charming narrative – from the nostalgic origins of the family business to the delectable waffle cone offerings.
Additionally, I took on the task of refining and revitalizing King Cone's logo to match their new color palette, providing a more modern look that harmonizes seamlessly with the website. It's a common practice for me to revisit logos when building websites, and I thoroughly enjoy doing so.
King Cone's new website became a celebration of family, flavor, and craftsmanship, offering them a chance to revisit values and contemplate the future.
Thank you for watching :)

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