Plant A Seed

This is the first song of 40 I’ll release in the next 40 days. It sums well my journey. Hustling to make art. Sleeping 2 hours per day. “Watering the seed with Blood”. It’s actually me talking to myself.


Plant a seed
Let it grow
How long have you been in the shadow
Now it’s coming up

And here I am baby

Feel the energy
We create
A natural blooming of atoms
Don’t try to understand it

Just feel this with me baby
You’re shining I’m standing
For you.

On your own
Your crafting a new way of awesome
That’s the way to go

We are having fun

We’re free
In this room
Living the now with our souls full

That should be enough
And here I am baby
For you.


I look
I melt
Is real
I feel

I pray
I drop
I laugh
I chill

I love
I give
I am
I share

Just bloom awaaaaay


  • Songwriting
  • Production
  • Guitar
  • Vocals
  • MIDI