Smashing Fears Podcast stands as a testament to the convergence of insightful coaching, design expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit. Under the mentorship of Jay Acunzo, I embarked on a creative journey to address a pervasive issue among entrepreneurs – the multitude of fears that impede business growth. Together, we crafted a unique premise for the show, recognizing that fear is a common obstacle that warrants a nuanced approach.

I conceptualized and executed the entire project. From developing a comprehensive branding strategy, logo, collaterals and Landing Page, every element was designed to resonate with the core message.

As the host and producer, each episode became a narrative exploration, delving into different types of fears and offering practical insights to empower entrepreneurs.

Smashing Fears Podcast is more than a collection of episodes; it's a curated journey through the realm of entrepreneurship, where coaching, design, and storytelling converge to empower individuals to face their fears head-on and chart a course towards business growth and personal triumph.

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